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  • Thickened Inflatable Boats/Outboard Motor/Electric Motor
    Fishing Boat/Flood Prevention Boat
    Fishing Boats/Sport Yachts/Fiberglass Boats
    Fishing/Aquaculture/River Channel Patrol
    Two-stroke/Four-stroke/Electric propeller
    Superior Quality/Durable In Use

    Suhai Yacht The quality first, The service is supreme

    The quality first


    We adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first and credit-based"
    Price Undertakings

    2、Price Undertakings

    The specialist manufacturers will give you the good price.
    Date Of Delivery

    3、Date Of Delivery

    There is our own factory, delivery in time, qulity guaranteed, which are our outstanding advantages
    After-sale Service

    4、After-sale Service

    We will provide you with better products and services always!

      GuangZhou Suhai Outdoor Product Co,.Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in researching, manufacturing and exporting various series of inflatable boats including sports boats, fishing boats,  drifting boats,rowing boats , assault boat and other related products. All of our products are manufactured with high quality PVC and urethane glue imported from South Korea.
      it is our great honor to offer you the products with high quality and the service you need to help make your business profitable and successful. We hope to establish long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship with you. we continue to try our better to supply the better goods!

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